The Music Program

Both Classes having Group Rehersal

     The Kirk Horn Music Fund currently provides music lessons at two Columbus Boys and Girls Clubs, the Arts Impact Middle School (AIMS) and kids in Nairobi, Kenya.  Each week the kids learn more about MUSIC!!  Sounds of guitar, bass, percussion, drum set, and singing can be heard regularly at our teaching locations.  

    Learning music takes time, the more time spent with instruments guided by dedicated and inspiring teachers will have a lasting effect on the youth. Our talented instructors teach hours of guitar/bass and percussion each week (SINGING is encouraged all the time!!!). 

     Some of the students have been learning music for over 1 year, they are able to play the chords and melodies of popular songs, read music, play scales, and understand basic music theory.


    The musical aspirations and current success the KHMF aim to:

           Inspire young musicians for a lifetime of music.

           Boost self-confidence by proficiently learning an art form.


           Form bands and musical groups within the Boys and Girls Club.  

              -Public Performance, Group Creativity, Working together,                                 Experiencing the joys of successfully performing a song with peers                   and then hearing the applause of an appreciative audience.

           Peer Musical Mentorship

             -Experienced students help the beginners get started.





In the Recording Studio after recording an original song.
Group after performing at BGC Gala
The girls mastering a guitar song

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