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Kirk hanging with Rafiki High Schoolers

     Kirk Horn led his Rotary club to Africa in 2005 to help establish a permanent home for the Rafiki Orphanage just outside of Nairobi.

     Once the Orphanage was better established and had its basic needs met, Kirk had a dream to bring music to the kids of Rafiki.  He worked along with his Rotary club to develop a sustainable music program for the Rafiki Orphanage and in 2012 celebrated with a public concert in Nairobi.  Musicians from Tanzania, Kenya and the USA performed side by side to inaugurate the opening of the School of Music. 

     In 2015 Kirk was inspired to connect kids from Rafiki with kids around the world– utilizing affordable telecommunication technology (akin to an online meeting).  His goal was to connect kids using technology and have them communicate through the common language of music.  At this time, Kirk was diagnosed with terminal cancer and knew he would not be the one to see this dream to reality. Thankfully Kirk’s love and passions carried into many of his own loving connections with people who are committed to implementing his dream around the world.

     We are thankful for the dedication and effort of Rachel Mazur, Gary & Janet Vaughn, Jesse Henry, Bob & Jenny Horn (Kirk’s parents) and Zonia Horn (Kirk’s wife) in helping Kirk’s dream stay alive.  We would not be where we are today without the support of the Short North Rotary Club (Kirk was a founding member) and their Music in the Round Concert (MITR),.  MITR was started by Kirk in 2005 as a way to raise funds for Rafiki in Kenya.  Many more friends and family too numerous to mention have also been so generous in their support of the Kirk Horn Music Fund.

Ground Breaking Ceremony for Rafiki School of Music

Video explaining Kirk's dream.

Kenyan, Tanzanian, and USA musicians perform at Rafiki
mitr2 (2).JPG

Kirk at Music in the Round 2016 with his parents, Bob and Jenny, and his sister, Alyson.

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