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Changing the World by Connecting Kids & Music

The Kirk Horn Music Fund is built on a dream to connect kids around the world; using the benefit of modern technology to teach the kids the value of human connection and collaboration through the universal language of music. 

The technology can be placed anywhere with internet – allowing this program to connect kids around the world with the goals of:

  • Connection – kid ‘jam sessions’ and music lessons creates an opportunity for connection and friendships around the world

  • Spirituality - recovery and spiritual survival through the healing power of music

  • Cultural Diversity - Exposure to other cultures, languages, rhythms, and ways of thinking

  • Collaboration – teaching how to incorporate and respect each other’s ideas and work together to create songs and harmonies

Original Song "It is a Blessing" written and recorded
by Kids in the KHMF
at the Boys and Girls Club of Columbus

Sam Maina aka "StarBiz" was one of the inspirations that would become the KHMF.  Sam was a student at Rafiki and his world changed because of music. He wrote and recorded "I Believe" in honor of Kirk.  Sam has been writing, producing, engineering, and recording music in Nairobi, Kenya for 5 years.  We are so proud of his accomplishments and his desire to make the world a better place with MUSIC and maybe change another kid's world.

(click                for more information about Rafiki)

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